If you have used my services and would like to share your experience please leave a testimonial below.

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Morag McWilliam says:

    Having worked with Kim, I knew I could rely on her to take good care of ‘The Furries’. I enjoyed my times away, knowing they were being spoiled and well looked after. When I’d get back, all 3 cats would come to the door to greet me, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t Kim! They LOVE her. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for quality care & TLC for their pets and peace of mind.
    – Morag McWilliam

  2. Jared Lewis says:

    I’ve known Kimberly for years. And she came through for me and Tor. I knew that when I had to leave on business or long awaited vacation, she would take care of Thor so well I could truly relax. Thor loves her and did not seem to miss me a bit!
    – Jared Lewis

  3. John Kaiser III says:

    Kim has come through tremendously a number of times when desperately needed. Sammy, Tonto, Tubby, Turtle and I cannot thank her enough for being such a great cat sitter. Highly recommended.

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